FAQ & Fees

How does scheduling work? How long will this take?

Scheduling of sessions depends on your needs and availability. Some people come each week; some come every other week.

Some people start to feel better after only a few sessions, while others may decide to stay in therapy for longer. Some come weekly for a while, and then follow up with periodic sessions.

Following the first session or two, I will make recommendations, and then we can together decide what works best.

Each counseling session is 45-minutes long. Extended sessions are available as well. I am also available for shorter check-ins and consultations.

What is the first session like?

The first session will involve meeting one another and getting an understanding about why you are seeking counseling. We’ll spend some time discussing your current concerns, what led up to them, and what your life is currently like.

We will discuss what you would like to achieve during therapy, and create an initial plan for next steps.

I will of course answer any questions you may have about me, my therapy approach, or about the counseling process.

Will anyone know I am in counseling?

Privacy and confidentiality are extremely important. You decide who knows (if anyone) that you are seeing a counselor.

If you decide to not seek insurance reimbursement, your insurance company won’t even be aware. (If you do seek insurance reimbursement, I can provide you with a receipt for service that will include a diagnosis code and brief description of services.)

There are only a few instances in which a therapist would break confidentiality. If the counselor suspected child or elder abuse or neglect, or if you talked about plans to hurt yourself or someone else. This will be explained in full detail during an initial session.

Where is your office?

My office address is 1062 Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr, in the Rosemont Plaza building, local to the Radnor community, close to Devon, Berwyn, Paoli, Wayne, Rosemont Villanova, Ardmore, and other Main Line Philadelphia communities. My other office is at 20 Mystic Lane, Malvern.

Do you ever provide services outside of your office?

Yes. I will sometimes provide “house calls” for counseling. The standard counseling rates apply and are applied to travel time as well.

This may be helpful if you have a medical need and are unable to travel, or if there are particular behaviors in the home that would be helpful for a counselor to observe. This can be decided on a case-by-case basis.

What are your Fees?

Initial 15-minute phone call or in-person meeting: FREE

Fees for 45-50-minute therapy sessions: $120

Do you accept insurance for counseling?

I am an out-of-network provider with many insurance companies. What this means is that, while I do not accept payment directly from insurance companies, I can provide you with a receipt which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. While insurance won’t cover the full fee, they may cover a portion of it. This varies plan to plan.

Talk to your insurance company about out-of-network mental health/behavioral health benefits. Ask about out-of-network reimbursement rate for a licensed counselor and if you have a deductible (and if it’s been met).

Do you offer a reduced fee?

Yes. I offer a limited number of reduced fee counseling slots. Please ask about this if you have a financial need.

What type of therapy approach do you use?

I have extensive training and experience in working with children and families. I additionally have training and experience working individually with adults. I practice action-oriented talk therapy.

I am certified in a particular Family Therapy approach. I additionally have training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Interpersonal Therapy for Depression.


Please email or call me to set up a free, 15-minute initial phone call or in-person meet. Or feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have.

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