Services Offered

I specialize in the treatment of adolescents, young adults, and families. I also work with adults and focus on men’s issues and cognitive therapy.

I help people who are angry, withdrawn, depressed, oppositional, anxious, distracted, fighting, struggling in school, using drugs/alcohol, or are having trouble adjusting to a new life situation.

With families, I help break patterns of fighting and struggling so family members can get along, and understand one another. These patterns become entrenched in families and it can be difficult to become “unstuck.” I’ll understand each family member’s point of view and together create an action plan to resolve your concerns.

Please click on the subheadings in the dropdown menu above (under “Services”) to read more about my approach to specialty items: Child and Adolescent therapy, Men’s issues, and Family therapy.

I offer three levels of care:

  • Consultation – a one-time meeting to do a brief assessment, and offer professional recommendations and suggestions;
  • Assessment – often 3-4 sessions of extended assessment to gain a deeper understanding of the presenting problem, strengths, and barriers. At the end of the assessment period, I will offer clinical recommendations for home-based strategies and/or professional care. If needed, I can write a full biopsychosocial assessment report.
  • Ongoing therapy – continued care in a consistent fashion. Oftentimes I will see clients for a course of treatment of 10-15 sessions.

Please email or call me to set up a free, 15-minute initial phone call or in-person meet.

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