Couples & Families

Do you spend more time struggling with – and less time enjoying – your family members? Do you often wonder what happened to your relationship with your child? With your partner?

Families go through developmental stages that require renegotiation of roles and rules. Some families settle into familiar patterns that become entrenched, making it difficult to become “unstuck.” I help break patterns of fighting and struggling so that family members can get along, and hear and understand one another. I want to understand each family member’s point of view and together create an action plan to address your concerns.

Family therapy focuses on what happens when families talk about important things. Some families have great difficulty talking at all.

I practice a form of therapy called Structural Family Therapy. The therapy focuses on what happens between family members. In session, after establishing goals, we will focus on practicing transactional change in the moment. I will help steer you toward better ways of communicating and getting along.

I work from a systemic and developmental perspective in helping individuals and families. People often get “stuck” during different life stages. These difficult periods, while sometimes predictable, don’t come with owner’s manuals. There are other life events that are unexpected – such as divorce, addiction, unexpected death, abuse, to name a few – that stress family relationships. Therapy can help you develop a guidebook for change.

A family therapist can be helpful to an individual adult as well, in helping to navigate family-of-origin issues and break dysfunctional patterns.

Please email or call me to set up a free, 15-minute initial consultation.

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